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  1. Personal Training Course (coming soon)


  1. Functional Training and Cross Training Course:
  • Functional training & Cross training is a flagship course of SCA, India
  • Course has been designed to train the participants with various Functional Training equipments, and its applicability with various aspects of fitness
  • Course incorporates various case studies and scientific approach for correct biomechanics for various form and techniques of Functional & Cross Training Exercises


  1. Fitness Kickboxing and MMA Course:
  • Kickboxing and MMA course is designed from fitness perspective and have complete practical based approach, which will help you to give your clients an adrenaline gushing sessions.
  • With case studies included in the course, will help the students to learn Kickboxing and MMA skills from REHAB point of view, which differentiates it from Combat sports.


  1. Power-Lifting Instructor Course:
  • Comprehensive course with good mix of theory and practical approach for power lifting sport.
  • Course is conducted by well known faculty, who has represented India at international stage for power lifting competitions.
  • Course will help the students to get trained for power lifting competitions and also to train their clients for weight training regime.


  1. Posture Assessment and training Course:
    • It has been found that, wrong posture during day to day activities and during weight training have big negative impact on the overall physical health of the individual.
    • To address this, SCA, India has developed Posture Assessment & Training Course, which helps the students to assess the posture of their clients, with proven and practical techniques and tests.
    • Course includes assessment of individual, identification of posture abnormalities and its impact on normal functioning and corrective exercises to make it normal.


  1. Trigger Point and Foam Roller Course:
    • This course highlight’s details about the trigger points, its origin and its impact on the biomechanics of body function
    • Use of Foam roller to release the trigger points, various forms and techniques to use the Foam Roller for releasing the trigger point.


  1. Kettlebell Course: (Coming Soon)

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